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What is this? A 4WD 1:24th scale! However, I suppose that it is the first time for you to hear about the co-existence of these two words. 4WD is widely employed nowadays in 1:10th scale or any bigger scale model car. Without a doubt, 1:24th scale is the hottest topic in R/C field since the introduction of the Kyosho(r) Mini-Z(tm). Therefore, at this time, we will put our sight to focus on this new dominance The Mini-X(tm)!

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Some background:
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Mini-X(tm) is designed and produced by Sun Sun Model(r) since the March 2001. Needless to say, they have their know-how in engineering by producing the ever-popular Xpress(tm) 1:10th scale since the last decade. In any open racing, it is not unusual to find racer using this brand name product. Their experience and expertise has been proven to be successful, so let's go take a closer look to this hot new dish!


Body Set Weight (100g) with ESC & Rx (135g) Total Weight (185g)

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Basically, Mini-X(tm) is categorized into the same class of mini car like the Mini-Z(tm). Obviously, you figured that out from its way cool name Mini-X(tm). However, it does not have a single part from our well-known Mini-Z(tm). If the mini car is a 1:24th scale class category. Then, Sun Sun Model(r) just upped the ante, the Mini-X(tm) is the new benchmark of the 1:24th scale car and it brings this class category to a new level of fun.

Build and Construction:
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The Mini-X(tm) is not gas engine power and it will not fly with wings. However, there is no exaggeration that Mini-X(tm) is an innovated mini car with the concept in mind from their Xpress(tm) 1:10th scale model. For its appearance, it is generally the same as a normally 1:10th scale R/C car, but in a 1:24th scale - Plastic chassis, antenna tube and four slick/tread striptires. After removing the plastic chassis, you will find that it is really a great design. All parts are assembled with great care and detail. Four independent suspension arms, slick tires or tread strip tires. The motor is positioned in the center for good balance front and rear. Also, features a front and rear ball differential gear, camber adjustment, 4 AAA battery compartment, floating steering bar, strong mini-servo, power ESC and long distance RF 27MHz radio.

At this moment, can you imagine what the Mini-X(tm) looks like? Let's have a quick look:

Clamber Structure Different Tire thread ESC Front wheel bearing loc

The provided motor is a 70 (Turns) and comes with a long shaft to link the front and rear gear. The generic ball differential design is similar to all 1:10th scale up, but it is tiny! They are made of 8 (2mm diameter) steel differential balls sandwiched between 2 steel plates and 8 (1.5mm diameter) small pressure balls for the compensation of tightness balancing. Motor and gear (8 pitches) combination is simple and clear because it is direct drive motor to the gear of ball differential (select 34, 35 and 36 pitches) in both front and rear. Very simple and direct layout. Optional one-way ball differential will be available. 4 wheel Independent suspension system: Four points designed with rod bar compensation. The dog-bone transmission allows the free moment of each suspension unit. The degree of hardness of each unit can be adjusted by different combination of spring set. Just like the bigger cars! There are two sub-functions from the front of suspension system which are the degree of camber and 2 cluster modes exchange. A 2 cluster mode coarse tuning effects the response of the steering, allowing a wider steering angle. Believe it or not Mini-X(tm) can make 60cm circles.

All electronics are optionally included. The Radio Receiver is using the standard amplitude modulation at 27 MHz frequency band. There are two channels - steering servo and ESC. The receiving range is up at around 50 ft or 15m. The receiver is able to suppress the unexpected bad signal influence and result from the purpose of protection. The Mini-X(tm) can have a wide operating range from 4.8V to 7.2V and the maximum current is 10A. It is programmable to calibrate with different model of AM Radio system. The calibration procedures are full throttle, full brake and Neutral" and it is performed by the assistance of both LEDs indication and Single touch control. The size of battery should be any AAA type. Mini-X is capable to be powered by 4 batteries or 6 batteries. Currently there are two soft plastic chassis available. They are similar to Toyota supra and Toyota corolla. Therefore, racer can design your own patterns with different paint and provided sticker. Another great feature of Mini-X(tm) is most 1:24th scale model cars can fit with minor modifications. Let your imagination go wild!

Front wheel cluster close look 1 Front wheel cluster close look 2 Front wheel independent suspension function Front Wheel Parts Brake down

The down side to the Mini-X(tm) is the top speed gives up a little for mid-range power and acceleration and all the mechanical parts may cause some additional vibration and become the electric equivalent to a power hog. All this means more power consumption and more maintenance for car. The unique front one-way ball differential can get expensive, 6 battery charger is not common for AAA size.

The Mini-X(tm) configuration allows smooth acceleration and great response going in and out of corners with the right amount of torque to all the wheels. What better way to get all that power to the ground than having an independent suspension and 4 wheel drive? And if it is not to your liking you can adjust the pressure screw to your style of driving and or change the springs. Same goes for the steering, it has adjustable camber angle. The Mini-X(tm) - Simple and direct, and it is important that the price is low, and AAA battery can be found from anywhere!

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